memorabilia works

Memorabilia Works

The Memorabilia Works include several projects that all celebrate the connection to a well-known person/celebrity as an icon, where anything connected to that person becomes quite precious. This ranges from articles, objects, souveniers, etc.

The projects include Art Stars – where artists, critics, curators and other people connected to the London Art scene in 1998 were invited to make an impression in concrete of there hand prints, like Graumann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Also in this series is Stars Homes, where Jessica Voorsanger had her photograph taken outside of celebrities homes in New York using a tourist celebrities homes map.

Another project in the series was Jessica’s obtaining Bob Geldof’s rubbish and presenting it in a gallery, resulting in her being interviewed on The Big Breakfast and being presented with the rubbish of the current presenters: Keith Chegwin, Zoe Ball and Vanessa Feltz.