bead works

Bead Works ~ Music

The beads works began with portraits of musicians. Conceptually, the portraits which measure at 1 ½” inches high (before being mounted onto a canvas/fabric ground) is how large you would see an actual performer live in concert, perspectively. There is very little detail within the portraits but enough to recognise who they are.

Bead Works ~ Film

As part of the Bead Works Series , these small paintings created with beads on velvet surfaces explored the relationship of the celebrity as religious icon. Using film as the vehicle, the works include: Charleton Heston as Moses at the parting of the Red Sea, in The Ten Commandments; Mila Jovovich as Joan of Arc, in The Messenger and Charleton Heston as Michaelangelo and Rex Harrison as the Pope in The Agony & The Ecstacy.


Bead Works ~ Football Chants

This series of paintings were beaded texts mounted on velvet canvases, as part of the Bead Works Series . The exhibition coincided with The World Cup in Germany (2006), with the exhibition taking place in Berlin at Gallerie-33, FON. The texts themselves all came from the chants/songs that were song by one nation’s football supporters to either the other teams supporters or team. The mix of often crude and insulting texts were in contrast to the beautiful appearance of the paintings themselves.


Bead Works ~ Hearing Voices Seeing Things

Hearing Voices, Seeing Things was a commission project from the Serpentine Gallery in association with NELMET (North East London Mental Health Trust). Jessica Voorsanger was lead artist in the project with Bob & Roberta Smith. They invited a small group of artists to work with service users throughout North East London to either make collaborative or inspired artworks that were later shown in the Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) at The Serpentine. A facsimile LCCA was built on the grounds of The Serpentine Gallery, which housed the exhibition in 2006. The artists were: Karen Densham, Andy Lawson, Victor Mount, Mandy Lee Jandrell, Sally O’Reilly with Mel Brimfield, Jessica Voorsanger & Bob & Roberta Smith. Jessica Voorsanger worked around the theme of humour. For the exhibition she created two text pieces of jokes, as part of the Bead Work Series . One of which came out of one of the workshops by David Berlevy and the other by the poet John Hegley. At the opening event, part of Jessica’s work, there was a stand-up comedy performance that included: Simon Munnery, Noble and Silver, Zoe Lyons, Nick Doody & Matt Dyktynski. The event was called ‘Whats’s So Funny?’