David Cassidy projects

David Cassidy Projects ~ Wyatt’s Photographs

As part of the David Cassidy Series , Jessica Voorsanger showed a series of publicity photographs taken by her friend Wyatt Counts. The disused photographs were shown with a text explaining their provenance at the Anthony Wilkinson Gallery in 1998.

David Cassidy Projects ~ Partridge Wear Collection

The Partridge Wear Collection is a project from the David Cassidy Series . Jessica Voorsanger sat through 63 consecutive episodes of the Partridge Family (television show) cataloguing the storylines, costumes and featured songs for each episode. She then created a line of clothing (with a line for each character) from the TV show. Each of the clothes, a one of a kind, were labelled ‘Partridge Wear Collection’ with a hanging tag that had the title of the show where the item was worn, a synopsis of the episode and the featured song. All of the items were either altered, located or created specifically for this project. It was originally shown at Gallery W-139 in Amsterdam in 1995.

David Cassidy Projects ~ David Cassidy

There are several David Cassidy Projects, as Jessica Voorsanger’s initial fascination with the concept of celebrity came from her falling in love with Davis Cassidy at the age of six. The projects have ranged from getting David Cassidy’s autograph in the pieceBlood Brothers to having lunch with David, in the piece Lunch With David (which consisted of an audio of the interview conducted forWhat’s On in London Magazine , debris from the lunch and the magazine).