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Venice Biennale 2017 – Jessica Voorsanger’s film Klingon Key Phrases included


La Biennale di Venezia 2017

13TH MAY – 26TH NOV 2017



Gavin Turk, Jessica Voorsanger, Sarah Sparkes, Fiona Banner, Cedric Christie, John Plowman, Spizz Energi, Lee Maelzer, Danny Pockets, Martin Creed, Ray Gange, Sarah Pager, Toni Gallagher, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Liz Sheridan, Julian Firth, Geraldine Swayne, SHUBY, Rebecca Scott, Pascal Rousson, Kerry Baldry Graham Tunnadine, Lauren Heckler and many more.

Empire II is an artist led project designed for forthcoming 57th La Biennale di Venezia.

Empire II are focused on creating a dedicated cinema hub space for artists and makers which will contain 3 separate areas and remain functional over a designated period of 7 months.

Room 1; Lounge/library as a quiet ambient reading area and a chill out zone + Room 2; movie screening space playing a selection of short art house lms specially created for this occasion and programmed on a continuous loop + Room 3; an immersive VR gaming space evolving as a spontaneous separate augmented reality point.

Exhibition will follow with a 160 page limited edition catalogue. We will host a number of intermediate events during our stay with and including participating artists and makers in form of presentations, talks and group discussions related to  making and associated topics.

Panel Discussion @Jerwood Gallery Hastings June 3, 2017

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Overlap – relationships, reputation and legacy of women artists

Saturday June 3, 2017 (11.30-12.30pm), Studio, Jerwood Hastings

Curators Day+Gluckman, authors of A Woman’s Place Project, will be in conversation with artist Jessica Voorsanger and Tate curator and art historian Carol Jacobi to discuss the complex relationship of a woman artist to her personal biography and relationships.  As two Jerwood exhibitions of women artists overlap, that of Jean Cooke and Eileen Agar, the panel will have an honest and frank conversation about the legacy of women artists and how their art is often overlooked in favour of their relationships to male artists.

Jessica Voorsanger’s art practice looks at the construct of self, often through humorous installations or performances to unpick popular and celebrity culture. Voorsanger has exhibited extensively internationally, and she also happens to be married to Patrick Brill (AKA the artist Bob+Roberta Smith).

Carol Jacobi is Curator, British Art 1850–1915 at Tate.  Her research is centred on nineteenth- and twentieth-century British painting, sculpture and photography. She has backgrounds in science and literature, preferring an interdisciplinary approach, and has a long term commitment to challenging the canon and looking at the legacy of overlooked women artists.

A Woman’s Place is a contemporary arts, heritage and education project where female equality provides the contextual backbone. A two year programme rolls out across the South East in 2017.  The project is funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, The National Trust and South East partners.  Other events across SE venues can be found at and significant new commissions at Knole House (National Trust), Sevenoaks, Kent in 2018.£10 (£8 for Jerwood Gallery Members)

For further information and to book tickets please click here
Image: Jessica Voorsanger, Claude Monet, from The Bald Series, 2013 by Jessica Voorsanger at Liberties exhibition 2016

Copyright © 2017 Day + Gluckman, All rights reserved.

Secrets & Lies (TATE Film Club)

Secrets & Lies

Tate Modern has had a long running film club, which over the past 10 years (+) has successfully explored themes surrounding London and its environs in relation to Tate. Initially created as a way to interact positively with the community, the group’s success has grown in audience and subject. As Tate embarks on a ‘new’ Tate with the opening of the extension in May 2016 this is the opportunity for the film club to also reinvent itself. For this initial start to the new season of film club viewings – Jessica Voorsanger has been commissioned to show 3 interlinked immersive film events exploring artists and their lives through the film sub genre of ‘docudramas’ also known as ‘biopics.’ Focusing on artists that have either shown or are in the collection of Tate. This will mark the bringing together of Tate Modern’s Film Club and Tate Britain’s Soapbox to work together to co-create events that engage with film (and their audiences) in alternative ways.

The 3 events will explore the ideas surrounding Secrets & Lies (the title being a reference to the Mike Leigh film of the same name). There will be 3 events (27 March, 22 May & 31 July 2017). These events will each explore the concept of the life (and/or culture) of one/or many artist(s) in three distinct ways. As through storytelling, especially within a ‘Hollywood’ drama scenario, the question of how much is actually true in the depiction of real life? Is anything exaggerated to make the story more engaging? As with documentaries, which we generally view as ‘truth’ can give a biased view of the director through the selection of interviewees and editing.

The1st event featured Frida Kahlo. The Salma Hayek film ‘Frida’ was aired. Aside from the film showing there was a quiz with questions associated with Frida Kahlo. The audience members were each given a ‘lucky bag’ which comprised of the elements to ‘dress up as Frida’ and a bespoke newspaper for the event. This first event was focussing on the ‘biopic’.


The 2nd event featured Pablo Picasso. The were three films aired: ‘Trimming Picasso’ (a docudrama by filmmaker Tim Newton), ‘Meeting Picasso’ (a documentary by filmmaker Tim Newton), and ‘Surviving Picasso’ (a docudrama starring Anthony Hopkins, the full feature was not aired). Aside from the films being shown there was an ‘In conversation’ between the filmmaker Tim Newton and Jessica Voorsanger. There was a quiz with questions associated with Frida Kahlo. The audience members were each given a ‘lucky bag’ which comprised of the elements to ‘dress up as a Picasso Cubist painting’ and a bespoke newspaper for the event. This second event was focussing on the differences between the biopic and the documentary.

The 3rd event will feature Peggy Guggenheim. The documentary ‘Peggy Guggenheim” Art Addict ‘will be shown. The focus of this event will be on documentaries. This event will take place in late July 2017.

The Apathy Band LP is now available!

Hot off the presses is The Apathy Band’s new LP! Available on eBay. This is the first LP for the Apathy Band. The band has had many incarnations but this version has the experimental funk fusion sounds that George Cleghorn brings with saxophone, Calvin Tsai brings with his guitar, George Lionel Barker (also known from The Fucks) on piano & bass, Leonardo Ulian on the Theremin and Jessica Voorsanger on spoken word. fullsizerender-5

LIBERTIES at The Exchange, Penzance (20 Oct 2016 – 7 Jan 2017)

22 Oct 2016 – 07 Jan 2017
The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance, TR18 2NL

Guler Ates, Helen Barff, Sutapa Biswas, Sonia Boyce, Jemima Burrill, Helen Chadwick, Sarah Duffy, Rose English, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Alison Gill, Helena Goldwater, Joy Gregory, Margaret Harrison, Alexis Hunter, Frances Kearney, EJ Major, Eleanor Moreton, Hayley Newman, Freddie Robins, Monica Ross, Jo Spence, Jessica Voorsanger, Alice May Williams and Carey Young

Liberties presents a snapshot of the evolving conversations that have contributed to the mapping of a woman’s place in British society through work by 24 artists.  Film, photography, sculpture, performance and painting reflect personal and political issues and changes in art practice in the 40 years since the introduction of the Sex Discrimination Act in the UK.

The curators do not presume to have surveyed the past 40 years of women’s art practice, but to consider the intervening years since a significant equalitarian law was introduced, and to remind ourselves of what has been fought and won over the years, and what there is still to do.


Curated by Day+Gluckman

This exhibition first showed at Collyer Bristow Gallery, London 2nd July – 21st October 2015 and was part of the outcome of a research and development grant for A Woman’s Place project supported by Arts Council South East. With thanks to Collyer Bristow LLP.

Copyright © 2016 Day + Gluckman, All rights reserved.
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Now it is Permitted: 24 Wayside Pulpits curated by Bridget Smith at the Swedenborg Society opening on Thursday the 20th of October 2016.

Now it is Permitted: 24 Wayside Pulpits’ curated by Bridget Smith at the Swedenborg Society opening on Thursday the 20th of October 2016. aab0cb98-3068-44a2-b7db-1d586c4daaee

EMPIRE Magazine, MASSIVE WINTER EDITION (Oct 2016, Issue 328) solo exhibition at Kornhaussen (Aschaffenburg Germany)

Jessica Voorsanger’s solo exhibition ‘EMPIRE Magazine, MASSIVE WINTER EDITION (Oct 2016, Issue 328)’ ran from 25th of October until January 2017 at Kornhauschen in Aschaffenburg Germany. The work in this exhibition continued to explore the fusion between painting and collage, inspired by the current edition of the movie magazine ‘Empire’.

EMPIRE Magazine, MASSIVE WINTER EDITION (Oct 2016, Issue 328) 
Jessica Voorsanger
Eröffnung: Dienstag, 25. Oktober, 19 Uhr
25.10 – 10.12.2016 (extended to January 2017)

Kornhäuschen freut sich, neue Arbeiten von der in London lebenden amerikanischen Künstlerin Jessica Voorsanger zu zeigen. Sie präsentiert eine Serie von insgesamt 50 Bildern in Form einer Collage, das verbindende Element ist die aktuelle Ausgabe des Filmmagazins EMPIRE.

Als Collage wird das Nebeneinander von Elementen aus unterschiedlichen Quellen in einem Bild bezeichnet. In ihrer Serie hat Voorsanger das Gegenteil gemacht – sie schuf 50 verschiedene Improvisationen aus einer einzigen Quelle. Entstanden ist eine imaginäre Reise, die Betrachter an 50 verschiedene Orte führt. Voorsangers Thema ist die Populärkultur und die Welt der Prominenten. Retrostoffe in Verbindung mit leuchtenden, grellen Farbinterventionen sind ein neues Element in ihrem Zyklus, den Voorsanger “gemalte Collagen” nennt.

EMPIRE Magazine, MASSIVE WINTER EDITION (Oct 2016, Issue 328) ist Voorsangers dritte Einzelausstellung im Kornhäuschen nach Crimefighter (2009) und Worldstaronestoppopshop, die 2013 in der Museumsnacht eröffnet wurde.

Jessica Voorsanger (*1965) ist Absolventin der Rhode Island School of Design und des Londoner Goldsmith Colleges. Einzelausstellungen beinhalten Eastenders / Whitechapel Art Gallery, London / London Mystery Train, Art on the Underground & ICA, London / The Woody Allen Show, Gallery-33 FON, Berlin / I Think I Love You, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh / The Retrieval Series: Bob Geldof, Modern Culture, New York / Baby Shower, Camden Art Centre, London. Gruppenausstellungen: Star Struck, New Art Gallery Walsall, England / Hearing Voices, Seeing Things, Serpentine Gallery, London / Forward/Backward Reloading, Island 6 Art Center, Shanghai China / Air Guitar, touring show including Milton Keynes Gallery & Cornerhouse, Manchester / To Whom it May Concern, CCAC, San Francisco CA


Webergasse am Schloss
63739 Aschaffenburg

Live Long and Prosper at Work Gallery (21st July to 16th September 2016)

Jessica Voorsanger’s solo exhibition Live Long and Prosper at Work Gallery, 10A Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG  from 21st July – 16th September 2016. There was also an ‘In Conversation’ with Jean Wainwright at the closing event on 14th September 2016.


In Live Long and Prosper, Jessica Voorsanger is presenting a new series of paintings in which she imagines the paintings she would make if she were artist-in-residence on The Starship Enterprise.

Voorsanger’s established practice exploring issues surrounding popular culture and celebrity takes a radical departure in this new series of paintings juxtaposing vintage fabrics with toxic and vibrant colours. She refers to them as ‘painted collages’. The faded, patterned vintage fabrics in contrast with the vibrant poured and dripped paint locate the work in its questioning of what a sci-fi utopian future could hold.

Jessica: Oh hello Captain Kirk! What do you think of my new paintings?

Captain Kirk: Fantastic!

Mr.Spock: This cacophanous colour is not logical.

Jessica: Actually, I think you will find Mr.Spock that the melding of the patterned fabrics are indicative of the time period in which they exist. The bright poured and dripped paint is a reaction to what the potential futures could be.

Mr.Spock: Very interesting.

Invite BDP

Shakespeare hits Scunthorpe High Street

Shakespeare hits Scunthorpe High Street

JV as Shakespeare

Jessica Voorsanger payed homage to William Shakespeare on the 11th of June 2016 by leading a parade of Tudor musicians and actors through the town centre of Scunthorpe. It was one of the many events connected to Shakespeare400 that North Lincolnshire Library have organised. The actors were drama students from North Lindsey College. The reaction that they received was a combination of celebration and confusion!

Tudor Parade

Captain Kirk at the Art Car Boot Fair (June 2016)

Jessica Voorsanger appeared at the Art Car Boot Fair this 12th of June 2016 as one of her favourite Star Trek characters, Captain Kirk. She proceeded to show Captain Kirk’s drawing skills off by drawing portraits to the ACBF as Mr. Spock. Live Long and Prosper…

Captain Kirk at the ACBF

Captain Kirk drawing

Cath Hawes has been ‘Spocked’Cath Hawes has been 'Spocked'

Jessica Voorsanger joins The Apathy Band

Apathy Band Acoustic Set Grow BarJessica Voorsanger joins The Apathy Band as a vocalist. Watch this space for performance news. They recently performed at Grow Bar, Hackney Wick on the 2nd June 2016. The members of the band are: Bob and Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger, George Lionel Barker, Leonardo Ulian, Calvin Tsai and George Cleghorn.

Apathy Band at Grow Bar

Imprint 93 on show at The Whitechapel Gallery until 25th September 2016

Jessica Voorsanger is showing work from the early 1990’s in the archival exhibition which chronicles the curatorial projects of Matthew Higgs’ Imprint 93 (1993-1997) at the Whitechapel Art Gallery running until the 25th of September 2016.

Voorsanger is interviewed in this article from the Guardian:

Bob Geldof’s Rubbish on show at Foundling Museum until 4th September 2016

Bob Geldof’s Rubbish on show at Foundling Museum until 4th September 2016

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to see the fantastic  group exhibition FOUND, curated by Cornelia Parker at the Foundling Museum, running until the 4th of September 2016 (40 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AZ).

Here is the link for the BBC4’s Saturday Review which discusses the show (at approx. 8 mins 28 seconds):


THE ART OF JESSICA VOORSANGER: The Impostor Series, edited by Jean Wainwright with contributions from Jean Wainwright, Kathy Kubicki, Louisa Buck, Ralph Rugoff, Emily Druiff and Deborah Robinson. Published by Black Dog Publishing London (due for release on 30 September 2014).



The book explores a range of her work, from karaoke performances, kitsch installations, paintings and sculpture, with a particular focus on new work emerging from her ongoing project, The Impostor Series. By using humor and parody in The Impostor Series, her work is also able to tackle tough topics including her personal cancer treatment, gender politics, and the discomfort that we can feel as an audience through humor. As a book The Art of Jessica Voorsanger operates on the same plain as the world she is critiquing, the design itself drawing on celebrity annuals, memories of falling in love with David Cassidy, and a childhood spent celebrity-spotting in New York’s Upper East Side. The publication takes on board all of the playfulness, seriousness and vibrance of Voorsanger’s work, contributing to the wide-reaching current discussion in society around celebrity in an engaging way. Although included in several publications, Jessica Voorsanger does not yet have one specific to her work, giving this book particular significance.



Museums at Night (May 15th to May 17th 2014)

Decide which Museum wins me for an event this May!

All are great. Voting continues until January 28th…

JV Star Trek (detail)

The Connect10 vote: You decide where Jessica Voorsanger appears

for Museums at Night 2014.

The Connect10 vote to see where Jessica Voorsanger goes for Museums at

Night is now open. Cast your vote from the link below:

More on the venues competing to host Jessica for an exciting evening event of art interventions and possible outbreaks of karaoke during the weekend of Thursday May 15 – Saturday May 17:

Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington, will establish 12 modern-day celebrities who define a particular musical style, e.g. Lady Gaga

and Dizzee Rascal, then work with drama and music students to develop them into their predecessor icons from the Music Hall,

e.g. Marie Lloyd and George Formby.

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle, will unveil a historical and contemporary automata exhibition that will include

a circus, a Steampunk playground, a roll-up, roll-up mix of entertainment DJs pumping through the gallery and museum atrium area,

and a Cocktail & Tea Bar where Tea-Duelling (!) will take place.

20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe will be presenting a sci-fi themed costumed party in the nave of the neo-gothic church and

out into the pedestrianised area.

The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent will invite visitors to become Anglo-Saxon warriors, goldsmiths,

storytellers, gods and monsters or kings and queens to tell the alternative story of the Staffordshire Hoard or the archaeologists that uncovered it.


The public vote, hosted by Culture24, closes on Tuesday January 28 at 5pm.

WORLDSTARONESTOPPOPSHOP: New Work by Jessica Voorsanger

Loy & Powell (small)

6 July – August 2013, Private View Saturday 6th of July 2013, 17 Uhr

Kornhäuschen Galerie, Webergasse am Schloss 63739 Aschaffenburg Germany


New work by Jessica Voorsanger.  In this one person exhibition as part of the Aschaffenberg Festival, Voorsanger has created a new series of works on paper.  All of the collaged, mixed media works come from a found book called ‘Wonders of the World’.




Payne Shurvell Gallery, 16 Hewett Street, London EC2A 3NN, 11 July 2013 6-8pm

Press Release. June 2013
Invisible Print Studio, a new screenprinting studio founded by Michael Hall and Coralie
Sheppard, is launching at  PAYNESHURVELL on Thursday 11th July, 6 – 8pm. Our
printmaker Michael Hall is himself an artist, as well as a curator and a writer. He has
previously worked professionally with the majority of artists that we are making editions
with. Using his knowledge of their practices he works together with the artist to translate
their practice into print, bringing original ideas to the forefront and creating prints exclusive
to us.
This is a one night only event where we will be exhibiting the editions produced to date
and offering discounts on all our prints on the night. We are also launching a new Simon
Patterson poster edition with the first 20 prints available for only £50 each.
Invisible Print Studio commissions new print editions with artists that we genuinely admire
and are currently working with:
Bruce McLean; Simon Patterson; Jamie Shovlin; Ray Richardson; Jessica Voorsanger;
Andrew Bick; Andrew Curtis; Dermot O’Brien; Mark Hampson; Michael  Ajerman;
Daniel Rapley; Steven Scott; Julian Rowe; Steph Goodger; Flora Parrott; Jo Stockham
and more… And will be launching with 13 new editions.
Bruce McLean should be given recognition for the fact that we are here. His suggestion to
Michael that he opened a new print studio, was based on the fact that he believed Michael
would bring novel and up-to-date concepts to the printing process. This is shown to be true
with the fact that Andrew Bick is making his first ever printed edition with us, yet has never
used print as a medium before as he never felt it fitted within his practice. His trust in
Michael serves as an example that our ethos stands well, we create works of art, not just
screenprints and want to support our artists both creatively and financially. We will be
launching new poster editions to generate funding to support projects in the near future.


+44(0)20 84252813      INVISIBLEPRINTSTUDIO


Factual Nonsense: The Art and Death of Joshua Compston

The publication launch is accompanied by an exhibition at the Paul Stolper Gallery, 31 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH.  20 June 2013 6-8pm, with the exhibition running from 21 June – 21 August 2013


Factual Nonsense – The Art and Death of Joshua Compston is both a biography and an alternative portrait of the 1990’s art scene in London’s East End. It is also a guide to living fast and dying young in the contemporary art world; Joshua Compston made Hoxton hip and Shoreditch sexy. The list of the fifty or so interviewees in the book reads like a who’s who of the contemporary art world, with contributions from the likes of Jessica Voorsanger, Jay Jopling, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Sam Taylor-Wood, Gary Hume, Gavin Turk, Maureen Paley, and Sir Peter Blake.

Seen by some as the romantic martyr of his generation, by others as a prankster sending up the art establishment, Compston was a driving force that helped turn the East End of London into the cultural hub that it is today. He was determined to change the world through art. His gallery, Factual Nonsense (FN), was quite unlike any other. Called a ‘crazy powerhouse of ideas’, Factual Nonsense was a cultural think-tank located in a then run-down area of the East End.