star trek


24 October – 6 December 2019

Opening Party: Thursday 24 October 6 – 8pm

This exhibition celebrates all six of the different Star Trek TV Series (Star Trek Original Series, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space 9, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise & Star Trek Discovery). The exhibition includes a gallery-wide installation of bespoke wallpaper featuring the uniforms of the six series, watercolour and ink portraits of the main characters and large scale fabric collage paintings celebrating each series. More images will be put up soon….

School Gallery
Delta House Studios
Riverside Road
London SW17 0BA

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
t: +44 (0)330 122 8661
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Venice Biennale 2017 – Jessica Voorsanger’s film Klingon Key Phrases included


La Biennale di Venezia 2017

13TH MAY – 26TH NOV 2017



Gavin Turk, Jessica Voorsanger, Sarah Sparkes, Fiona Banner, Cedric Christie, John Plowman, Spizz Energi, Lee Maelzer, Danny Pockets, Martin Creed, Ray Gange, Sarah Pager, Toni Gallagher, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Liz Sheridan, Julian Firth, Geraldine Swayne, SHUBY, Rebecca Scott, Pascal Rousson, Kerry Baldry Graham Tunnadine, Lauren Heckler and many more.

Empire II is an artist led project designed for forthcoming 57th La Biennale di Venezia.

Empire II are focused on creating a dedicated cinema hub space for artists and makers which will contain 3 separate areas and remain functional over a designated period of 7 months.

Room 1; Lounge/library as a quiet ambient reading area and a chill out zone + Room 2; movie screening space playing a selection of short art house lms specially created for this occasion and programmed on a continuous loop + Room 3; an immersive VR gaming space evolving as a spontaneous separate augmented reality point.

Exhibition will follow with a 160 page limited edition catalogue. We will host a number of intermediate events during our stay with and including participating artists and makers in form of presentations, talks and group discussions related to  making and associated topics.

The Trouble with Tribbles

The Trouble with Tribbles (named after the icon episode of Star Trek Original Series), was an interactive immersive experience offered at The Art Car Boot Fair, 2010. The participants were invited to experience the unleashing of zillions of ‘tribbles’ being poured on their heads, as Captain Kirk did in the episode aired in the 1960’s.


Live Long and Prosper at Work Gallery (21st July to 16th September 2016)

Jessica Voorsanger’s solo exhibition Live Long and Prosper at Work Gallery, 10A Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG  from 21st July – 16th September 2016. There was also an ‘In Conversation’ with Jean Wainwright at the closing event on 14th September 2016.


In Live Long and Prosper, Jessica Voorsanger is presenting a new series of paintings in which she imagines the paintings she would make if she were artist-in-residence on The Starship Enterprise.

Voorsanger’s established practice exploring issues surrounding popular culture and celebrity takes a radical departure in this new series of paintings juxtaposing vintage fabrics with toxic and vibrant colours. She refers to them as ‘painted collages’. The faded, patterned vintage fabrics in contrast with the vibrant poured and dripped paint locate the work in its questioning of what a sci-fi utopian future could hold.

Jessica: Oh hello Captain Kirk! What do you think of my new paintings?

Captain Kirk: Fantastic!

Mr.Spock: This cacophanous colour is not logical.

Jessica: Actually, I think you will find Mr.Spock that the melding of the patterned fabrics are indicative of the time period in which they exist. The bright poured and dripped paint is a reaction to what the potential futures could be.

Mr.Spock: Very interesting.

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