Mail Art ~ Honorary MA in Fine Art

Jessica Voorsanger created several mail art projects, starting early in her career. They consisted of her writing a large quantity of similar letters to a range of well known people within a particular theme. The letters she wrote were almost identical, so that they viewer only needed to read a few of her letters and could concentrate on the range of responses that she received. The projects included: Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Christmas Card Project, etc.

The Honorary MA in Fine Art  was project from the  Mail Art Series . A random selection of well-known people/celebrities were sent letters indicating that if they returned the enclosed application form from the LCCA (Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art) they would receive an honorary MA in Fine Art. The application form requested that the recipient make a drawing of their favourite celebrity or hero. The only respondees were Michael Barrymore who made a drawing of Prince Naseem, the boxer and Robert Carlyle who sent a press photo. Michael Barrymore received a First Class degree and Robert Carlyle received a Third Class degree. A list of recipients of the original letter was included in the installation as well as all of the returned information.