Performances ~ Fan-a-Grams

Performances: Jessica Voorsanger often uses performance as a medium within her work, either by performing herself or by inviting visitors to participate in interactive exhibitions. The Impostor Series relies quite heavily on the use of costumes and interactivity, often through the inclusion of karaoke.

Fan-a-Grams This performative artwork was based on the idea of a telegram. The only difference was that instead of receiving a telegram/message the recipient received a screaming fan club of approx 5-10 girls demanding their autograph, telling them that they loved them, etc. The instructions that the girls had were to be persistent until they had received their autographs. The recipients of the Fan-a-Grams were nominated by a friend. Once the autograph was obtained, they were given a certificate authenticating the experience (and letting them know who selected them to receive the experience) and a badge that stated: “I have been Fan-a-Grammed by Jessica Voorsanger’s Official posse of Fans”. The Fan-a-Grams were always held at a public event, ie. Livestock Market, The Hayward Gallery, etc.