The Apathy Band

Jessica Voorsanger is the lead vocalist for the Apathy Band. The band recently released it’s first LP featuring Bob and Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger, Leonardo Ulian, George Lionel Barker, George Cleghorn & Calvin Tsai in 2016. 

The band is the brainchild of contemporary artist Bob and Roberta Smith. The band has had many incarnations but this version has the experimental funk fusion sounds that George Cleghorn brings with saxophone, Calvin Tsai brings with his guitar, George Lionel Barker (also known from The Fucks) on piano, Leonardo Ulian on the Theremin and Jessica Voorsanger on spoken word.

The LP is available to buy on eBay while stocks last. The ‘A’ side of the LP is Bob and Roberta reading the text from his painting Letter to Michael Gove (as seen at The Royal Academy), his protest at the Conservative Party’s reconfiguring of secondary education which has had a detrimental effect on arts and humanities education. The ‘B’ side is the band performing their musical interventions.